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    LPG Analyser / Analyzer

The MAK ANALYTICA LPG 201 is used for the analysis of hydrocarbons in Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).

We provide custom solutions for complex separations, data manipulation processing. The range of our analysers address many application areas in the gas industry.

LPG 201 is suited for the analysis of all components in the LPG. The analyser is developed on the guidelines of ASTM D 2163/IP264/72(79) hence Thermal Conductivity Detector is used.

In the analysis the sampling is most important, as the sample should represent the LPG composition. Because of different vapor pressures of the components, the temperature and pressure become critical factors in the sampling and analysis. Additionally the safety of sampling is very important as the gas is highly inflammable (only minimal quantity should be sampled and vented). The sampling plays a very important role in the analysis of LPG. A special sample conditioning system is developed to give correct and accurate results.

LPG Sampling attachment can be used with any of your Gas Chromatograph.

LPG Analyser

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