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    Gas Regulators (make: Marsh Bellofram, USA)

Gas Regulators (make: Marsh Bellofram, USA)

  • Industry’s largest selection of outlet pressures and ports
  • Only regulator of its type with three outlet ports
  • Four-seat valve disk block with 90° rotation capabilities
  • Choice of easily interchanged tamper-resistant or T-handle adjustment
  • Optional tapped vent on bonnet
  • Stainless steel version (P39SS) is compliant with NACE MR0175
  • Choice of seat materials allows design to custom fit to suit unique application requirements


    • First Cut of High-Pressure Natural Gas to Control Valve Supply
    • Natural Gas Instrumentation Columns
    • First Cuts to Any Downstream, Low Flow Application, such as:
      Catalytic Heaters
      Valve Actuators
      Pressure Controllers
      Chemical Injection Pumps

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